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13/10/2019 Madam Wokie & the County Lodge Hotel Breat Cancer Brunch

Madam Wokie is excited to partner with the Country Lodge Hotel Freetown, to host a Breast Cancer Awareness Brunch on Sunday 13th October from 11:00am to 3pm, in support of The Thinking Pink Cancer Foundation Sierra Leone.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) estimates that in Sierra Leone almost 3,000 people develop cancer each year and over 2,000 die from largely preventable or curable cancers. This is compounded by limited access to early diagnostic services, the absence of radiotherapy services and limited access to cancer care services, including qualified human resources and medical equipment.

Thinking Pink Foundation aims to: Educate the public on Breast Cancer Awareness nationwide;

Teach the public the importance of early detection through monthly Breast Self Exams (BSE) clinical examinations and Annual Mammography check up; And provide support for women suffering from the disease through counselling, advocacy and or financial support.

The event will include a great menu selection from the Country Lodge Hotels's resident chef, love music, a raffle and much more.

If you are free this Sunday morning ,please stop by to support the fight against Breast Cancer in Sierra Leone .

Madam Wokie


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