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My vendors serve as my heroines because irrespective of how difficult their lives may be, or the challenges they may have faced in the past, they continue to work hard to provide the best they can for their families.  Having developed a relationship with these women over the years, I have come to realise that I need them, just as much as they need me and thanks to fashion, our stories have become intertwined. We all have one goal which is that no matter how difficult the journey, we must succeed because our lives depends on it. Failure is not an option.

Kadiatu Kargbo is a widow and the breadwinner of a family of 3 kids age 16, 9 and 3. Kadiatu started selling fabrics at age 22 and believes the best part of being a women is being a Mum. 

Fatmata T Kanu is a 23 years old student. She started selling fabrics at age 18 to help her mother support her family. Fatmata recently passed her WASCE exams and hopes to become a successful business in the future. 

Massah is a married mother of five kids; including a baby who is less than a year old. She is also the sole provider of her family and takes pride in playing the role of both Mum and Dad to her five kids. She stared selling fabrics at age 15 and on average carries about 70 fabrics a day. 

On International Women's Day 2017 I want to applaud and thank Kadiatu, Fatmata and Massah for their contributions Madam Wokie and for being the heartbeat of Sierra Leone's fashion industry. 

Madam Wokie

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