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Cheers to strong women...

Updated: May 24, 2019

I love my work. It has given me the opportunity to break boundaries and stand apart in my own light. "Maryann Kaikai

In Sierra Leone, females represent 50.8 per cent of the total population (7.4 million) nationally. All across the country, women play a key role in the political and socio-economic growth of the country. From the bustling local markets of Kroo Town Road, to the busy offices on Siaka Stevens Street, women strive daily to leave their mark.

However, due to the patriarchal nature of Sierra Leonean society, women constitute only 28.1 per cent of the population of household heads. Educationally, although more females than males are enrolled at the primary level, the percentages reduce as females move from the primary level to the junior secondary and senior secondary levels of education. In our National Parliament, women currently hold 112.4 % of the parliamentary seats, down by 14.5 in 20015, and 13.2 in 2010. Such disparities have resulted in a marginalisation and subjugation of key players in society.

Despite the numerous, varying, challenges that Sierra Leonean women face individually and collectively, we continue work hard to change the narrative. During a recent visit to Kroo town Road market to shop for groceries while working on our summer campaigns, I was struck by the boldness, determination and strength of the female traders. While the economy is still in recovery, and business may not be booming, our women continue to fight the good food fight to support our families and create a better society for future generations.

The raining season is here, which means tons of fresh locally produced fruits and vegetables. Looking forward to watermelons, avocado, pineapples, cucumbers, etc. No doubt Toyas Creations will also be coming through with her infamous fruit gift baskets, while Jalikas Kitchen will be serving local cuisine with that 'Mende gial' twist.

Kimono: Madam Wokie

Photographer and Filmmaker: Dominique A.H Fofanah

  “I love the person I’ve become because fought to become her” – Kaci Diane

Madam Wokie

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