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Dr Jalika Mustapha for MADAM WOKIE September 2019

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Dr Jalika Mustapha is one of Sierra Leone's leading Ophthalmologists (eye specialist) resident at Sierra Leone's Connaught Hospital. She is also a self-trained private chief, specialising in Afro-Fusion cuisine.

Alongside a medical career at the Connaught Hospital, and conducting free eye surgeries for less fortunate members of the community, Dr Mustapha hosts regular pop-up meals under her private mobile restaurant, Jalika's Kitchen.

Madam Wokie is proud to have Dr Jalika Mustapha as the face of our September 2019 Campaign, and we look forward to enjoying delicious meals from Jalika's Kitchen.

You can follow Dr Mustapha's culinary journey by following Jalika's Kitchen on Facebook, and Instagram.

Madam Wokie

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