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The MODE by Musu Kaikai Autumn/Winter 2018 Lookbook, Femme Elégante, is inspired by the beautiful women of Senegal, who are among the most regal in West Africa. The collection of mini and maxi Boubou gowns features brightly coloured, intricately embroidered, organza, silk and chiffon fabrics, adorned with elaborate head wraps. It also includes simple multi-coloured maxi dresses.

The Boubou gown is the traditional dress of Senegalese women, which can be worn every day, or on special occasions. The garment is also worn in several countries across Africa including Djibouti, The Gambia, Guinea, Mauritania, Niger, Mali and Sierra Leone. Boubou is a rich garment that is usually made with wax fabric, bazin or cotton. However, with the modernisation of traditional African fashion, the women of Senegal have incorporated new fabrics and styles to showcase their creativity.

“Personally, I believe that nothing illustrates the elegance of the African woman like a well draped gown. It has been an absolute pleasure for my sister, Mary-Ann Kaikai, and I to learn from Senegalese artisans during Dakar fashion Week, and work with them to produce this lookbook. We hope you love it as much as we do.

To see photos from the full collection click HERE.

Femme Elégante is available for purchase online at Mode Observer or at Madam Wokie Ltd, 14 C Syke Street, Brookfields, Freetown, Sierra Lone. You can also follow MODE by Musu Kaikai on Instagram or curator Musu Kaikai.

Creative directors: Musu Kaikai and Mary-Ann Kaikai

Model: Sarah Laura Tucker

Photography: Victor Turay of Sinewaves Studios

Makeup: Bilkisu Gbassay Bangura

Madam Wokie

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