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Madam Wokie Arts and Craft Project: Carpet making at Madam Wokie

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

In 2010 Madam Wokie launched the Madam Wokie Arts and Craft Project to provide capacity building, mentorship and skills training for young women and girls. Every year, Madam Wokie selects a group of young women and girls to train in particular trade that will subsequently result in income generation, self-sufficiency and employability.

This year nine young women wear selected for training in carpet manufacturing at Madam Wokie. Using recyclable fabrics from unused garments, the ladies were taught to crate sustainable, environmentally friendly carpets for the local market. The young ladies are encouraged to work together to foster team building, partnership and create long lasting bonds which would last well beyond their training.

All carpets from the training are sold at Madam Wokie, with portion of the proceeds going to the trainees.

Below are photos of you 9 trainees.

Madam Wokie


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