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Madam Wokie & Jessica Nabongo visit Africell Radio

Yesterday 25 June, Maryann Kaikai, creative director of Madam Wokie, and Jessica Nabongo, founder of The Catch Me If You Can, visited Africell Radio Studio, as part of her pres tour while in Sierra Leone. Speaking about our time at their studios, Africell notes that:

"Globetrotter and renowned Travel Blogger & influencer - Jessica Nabongo, founder of The Catch Me If You Can visited our #AfriRadioSL studio yesterday. She was interviewed by our own Undisputed Reg, alongside the founder of local fashion powerhouse Mary Ann Kaikai Madam Wokie and as well as the #AfricellSL Head of Events and Sponsorship - Abdul Aziz Kamara. Jessica's visit to Sierra Leone marks her 179th country. She is on a mission to become the 1st black woman to travel to every country in the world.

Speaking to Undisputed Reg, she highlighted her passion for interacting with other cultures and learning about them - which in itself is a priceless experience which she believes will promote the touristic side of these nations. Mary Ann Kaikai reiterated the touristic potentials of Sierra Leone and that it was one of the reasons she reached out to Jessica when she found out Sierra Leone was on her immediate bucket list. Abdul Aziz Kamara emphasized our company's commitment to offer assistance to building the nation and promoting the amazing potentials of our beautiful Mama Salone. The day ended with a meet & greet at Madam Wokie’s store with talented creatives and two of our #AfricellFamily staff in attendance.

Jessica continues her sightseeing today and we hope she makes amazing memories and a has great time. Thank you Jessica. We wish you all the wonderful sights and adventures that this world has to offer.

You can follow Jessica's journey on Facebook, Instagram, and visit her website.

Madam Wokie


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