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Maryann Kaikai honoured with the Eminence Africa Lifetime Achievement and Excellence Award 2019

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

On Saturday 13 April 2019, Maryann Kaikai, Creative Director of Madam Wokie, was honoured with the Eminence Africa Lifetime Achievement and Excellence Award for her contribution to the Sierra Leone fashion industry in and out of Sierra Leone.

Eminence Africa Entertainment is a non-profit making organisation built on a foundation of love for country and passion. Among other initiatives, the organisation celebrates the work of youths and honours the contributions of seasoned professionals in various spheres.

The vision is to see more young people succeeding and making a difference in their various areas of expertise.

Other honourees included:

  • Engineer Trudy Morgan: The first female Vice President of The Sierra Leone institution of Engineers and first female Fellow of colour of the institution of civil engineers in the UK. Currently, she's the only African female fellow.

  • Mr. Hamid Marah: One of the youngest business developers in Sierra Leone.

  • Mr. Bimbola Carol: An excellent Entrepreneur in the Tourism sector.

  • Mr. Charlie Haffner: The god father of entertainment in Sierra Leone.

  • Mr. Francis Ben Kaifala: A Law practitioner and currently The Anti Corruption Commission boss in Sierra Leone.

  • Mr. Ransford Wright: An excellent journalist in Sierra Leone.

  • Her worship, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr : The Mayor of Freetown.

  • Mr. P.J Cole: Activists, philanthropist and Queens Young Leader .

  • Rev. Fr. Peter Konteh: An excellent Philanthropist through Caritas Sierra Leone.

  • Manal Ghazzawi: An excellent Pharmacist and owner of City Globe Pharmacy.

  • Vickie Remoe: Writer, producer and marketing guru. She is also an excellent entrepreneur in and out of the country.

Madam Wokie

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