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Monique in Madam Wokie

Mr Tony Conteh celebrated his Golden birthday in November 2018, and to commemorate the milestone, his family, along with their closest friends and associates converged in Marrakech, Morocco, for a weekend of festivities.

To welcome guests in Marrakesh, his partner Monique wore a bespoke Madam Wokie tie-dye gown, which she had specially designed for the occasion. The fabric for this piece was created by students of the Madam Wokie Arts and Craft Project.

The event was organised by luxury event planner, Rugie Wurie Lamin, of Mrs Wedding Planner. For more photos of the event follow Mrs Wedding Planner on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank Monique for making Madam Wokie a part of the special occasion.

Madam Wokie


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